Welcome to Revelation Spiritual Church

We're glad you're here. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some time with us. We welcome all who are on a quest to discover more about the Divine regardless of their current or previous religious affiliation. We respect your beliefs. We simply ask that you extend the same courtesy to each of us.

Church Meets at 6 PM Sundays

What to Expect:

Tibetan Singing Bowl: We signal the start of our time together by striking a Tibetan Singing Bowl. The sound is used to bring us into stillness and to prepare us for reflection.

Devotional Reading: Following the striking of the bowl someone reads the daily devotion from “Around the World with Emmit Fox."

Weekly Talk: A talk that usually lasts about 15-20 minutes is presented. The presenter is different from week to week, as well as the subject matter. Not a sermon—nor a lecture, but usually something that the presenter has found helpful in his or her own life.

Discussion: Most of the time the presenter allows time for discussion. Some of the ideas presented may not appeal to all, but we respect what was said—and the people who share.

Silence: After discussion we move into a time of silence. This usually lasts about ten minutes. The time of silence means different things to different people. You may use the time to reflect, meditate, pray, or catch up on some needed rest (no snoring, please.)

Gratitude: We believe in an attitude of gratitude. So we take a few moments to allow people to share what they are grateful for.

Prayer Requests: Following gratitude is a time for people to present prayer requests. After someone makes a request, they end by saying: “This we pray.” The group then responds with the words, “God, hear our prayer.” We close the prayer request time by holding hands and asking one person to offer a group prayer.

Prayer for Protection: Then, as a group, we repeat the following prayer:

The Light of God surrounds us
The Love of God enfolds us.
The Power of God protects us.
The Presence of God watches over us.
Wherever we are, God is!
And all is well.
And we are grateful.
- James Dillet Freeman

Messages from the Divine Spirit: Messages are presented to each in attendance. These are short pieces of advice or insight to help or encourage us on our spiritual journey.

Extinguish the Candle: We gather around the candle and blow it out together.

Fellowship: A time to talk, have a snack, and get to know one another better.

As You Leave: At our gatherings we do not “pass the hat.” However, we do have financial responsibilities. On your way in, and/or on your way out, you will see an actual hat with a sign that reads “Donations to Support Revelation Spiritual Church.” Feel free to contribute, but not obligated.