Welcome to Revelation Spiritual Church

We're glad you're here. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some time with us. We welcome all who are on a quest to discover more about the Divine regardless of their current or previous religious affiliation. We respect your beliefs. We simply ask that you extend the same courtesy to each of us.

Our Projects in service of our mission:

°MarriageChaplain.com - Helping engaged couples find an officiant who can create their perfect ceremony. It also helps ministers make a living so they can continue ther ministering.

°OurChaplain.com - Celebrating all the other of life's passages.

°AffordableWeddingChapels.com - Helping couples find the right chapel for them on their big day. It also supports local churches.

°Liift.info - Helping people heal their lives using Life-Improvement Internal-Focus technique. Also teaching the same.

°BooksForTheNeedy.com - Creating financial support for small charities and rural libraries.

°ReligiousRecovery.org - Helping people who have been abused by institutionaizedl religion.

°Istilldo.com - Helping couples make the most of their marriage.